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Transplantation of human organs from one human being to another is undoubtedly one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of this century –one that has transformed tens of thousands of lives. It is unfortunate, however, that Indian patients in need are unable to benefit from this medical advancement.

It has been estimated that 200,000 people in India are annually diagnosed with organ failure needing transplantation as part of life saving measure. A majority of these patients are young where their only hope to a life is by the opportunity of having a transplant of their organ in failure.


DORSO is an acronym that stands for Deceased Organ Retrieval Sharing Organization. This is an autonomous and recognized agency for the Delhi State Deceased Organ Retrieval Transplant Authority. It has a specific role to monitor, evaluate, appraise and disseminate to the Delhi State Health Department on the periodic status of implementation of the cadaver program.

Deceased patients diagnosed as brain dead account for approximately 10% of intensive care unit deaths, which can be a strong referral source for potential donors. Brain death is an irreversible condition that can occur as a result of trauma or intracranial bleeds, which is the basis of a deceased heart beating donation program. Clinically, this is characterized by loss of consciousness, spontaneous breathing and absence of reflexes in the brain stem region of the brain.

The DORSO website has a specific mission in facilitating the organ donation program in Delhi State.

Its activity in Phase 1 of the website architecture will involve

  • Providing registered transplant and non-transplant centers with information on voluntary deceased donors that have been captured due to trauma
  • Providing a podium for volunteers who wish to donate their organs after death through a simplified online registration
  • Providing instant donor cards with a unique Identification number that can be used by registered hospitals to retrieve records of volunteer donors in the event of brain death
  • Providing information on the organ donation process, organ donation, transplant Act, updates on the act, possibilities of living related donation for liver and kidney patients in end stage disease to members of the public
  • Providing online awareness on organ donation events, workshops, organizations and other stakeholders

Phase 2 will involve

  • Maintenance of a central waiting list of patients requiring organ transplant

Maintenance of a central registry of voluntary organ donors who pledge their organs after they are no longer alive

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